Tutoring Services

Nerdy Bird focuses on offering mathematics tutoring all through primary school and up to grade ten in high school. 

We also offer tutoring for primary school students in Mathematics, English, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences.

Any subjects not listed here can be negotiated.

Tutoring includes homework, test preparation, and teaching content. We compile notes, assist with study skills, and develop organisational strategies with students as needed. On request, meetings can be arranged with teachers to clarify the syllabus and the student’s personal needs. 

A monthly report is provided for parents detailing what has been covered in each session.

Mathematics Tutoring 

Let Nerdy Bird help to show you that maths needn't be daunting! Together with the right support, and by strengthening weaker areas, maths can be easy. Grasping maths is empowering, it opens up opportunities, and builds essential skills in problem-solving and critical thinking.

Primary School Tutoring

Primary school years are a brilliant time to support children in understanding their syllabus and instilling effective study skills that will give them a strong foundation from which to develop. Children grow in confidence when they feel that they are building on their own success and understanding.